How to get to World Forum

The Hague is easy to reach from anywhere in the world. It is located in one of the best regions in Europe with easy access to two international airports and train stations. Furthermore, The Hague has an outstanding and sustainable system of public transport, which makes it easy to find your way around the city. Trams and buses are extremely efficient and punctual, making sure that all delegates will get to their meetings on time.

While the entire public transport network functions remarkably well, an alternative worth considering is walking to your destination within the town. A stroll through one of the sunniest Dutch cities, whether it is alongside the coast or next to the beautiful historic buildings in the centre of The Hague, should definitely be taken into consideration.

From Schiphol Airport

The Schiphol airport is situated about 46km from the World Forum (congress venue, Travel time: 1h). At this airport can take the train, bus and taxi, as well as you can find rental car desks with options around-the-clock there. The train platforms are located on level -1 at the airport.

If you would like to travel by train, please take the intercity to “Den Haag Centraal”. Normally it can be found at platform 5 and/or 6. After 30 minutes get out at “Den Haag Centraal”. Take tram 16 in direction of “Statenkwartier”, and get out at station “Statenplein”. From there the World Forum is only a 7 minutes walk away.

You can also take the train in direction of “Vlissingen” at platform 4. After 31 minutes, get out at “Den Haag HS”. From there, take tram 1 in direction of “Scheveningen Noorderstrand” and get out at station “Den Haag, World Forum (Noord)”. From there you only need 5 minutes to the World Forum (congress venue).

From Rotterdam Airport

The Rotterdam Airport is about 24km from the World Forum (Travel time: 1h 30m). If you are arriving at Rotterdam Airport and you would like to go to World Forum, please take the bus 33 to Rotterdam Centraal.

When you walk outside from the central hall of the airport, go immediately to your left. After 50 metres, you will find the bus stops.

After taking the bus 33 drive to the end station “Rotterdam Centraal”. After that take the train from Rotterdam Centraal towards Lelystad Centrum. After 20 minutes get out at the station “Den Haag HS”. From there, take tram 1 in direction of “Scheveningen Noorderstrand” and get out at station “Den Haag, World Forum (Noord)”. The World Forum is only a 5 minutes walk away.

Local transport in The Hague

The Hague boasts an excellent public transport system. Over 30 bus and tram lines will quickly and safely take you and your delegates to your destinations in and around The Hague. For instance, it takes you 10-15 minutes to get from The Hague Central Station to World
Forum. World Forum is accessible by public transport from all hotels in The Hague. Most of the hotels are on walking distance of World Forum.


There is a taxi point in front of the World Forum. If you want to order a taxi anywhere else in the city, you can use either of the following services:

Taxi Centrale Den Haag: +31 (0)70 555 5555
Personenvervoer van der Wijst: +31 (0)70 307 2000
Hofstad: +31 (0)70 3462626
HTMC: +31 (0)70 390 7722

Important Facts:

You can buy tickets from the yellow machines with either coins or Credit Card. The machine menus are in Dutch and English. In Dutch, these cards are called “OV-chipkaart”.

You can either buy a disposable paper OV-chipkaart, or a plastic reusable one. The paper version is handy if you just want to take a single trip to your destination. If you plan to travel by train more frequently during your stay, it may be more economical to choose the plastic OV-Chipkaart. If you would like to have further information please visit the website of the OV-Chipkaart or the official Dutch train site to plan your trip or to get information concerning the different ticket possibilities.

Another very practical website is: This website shows you the shortest way around by bus, train and tram.