Sponsorship opportunities

IEEE PES ISGT Europe 2023 is the flagship event of IEEE Power and Energy Society with approximately 400 attendees each year and more than 100 students from all over the world. It is one of the world’s largest platforms for knowledge transfer between academia, research institutions and the industry in the field of Smart Grid.
Our desire is to strengthen the attractiveness of the conference to industry and promote fruitful exchanges between industry and academia. Companies will have a great opportunity to showcase their latest developments and services to the wide audience.

IEEE PES ISGT Europe 2023 will be held from 23rd to 26th October in Grenoble. The venue for the main conference activities will be the WTC Congress center, close to the train station and the town center.
A respective international and local organizing committee, as well as conference promotional activities will ensure highest worldwide recognition for the sponsors of the IEEE PES ISGT Europe 2023 conference. Additionally, the attendance is expected to include prominent individuals from all fields of Smart Grid industry. Furthermore, a significant number of distinguished industry representatives, young professionals and students looking for career development opportunities will take part in IEEE PES ISGT Europe 2023.
The conference sponsorship opportunities include following packages:
Please contact us to discuss your support package or to propose an alternative collaboration. We highly encourage also small-sized enterprises and startups to contact us for possible collaborations and reveal the available discounts.

The conference sponsorship opportunities include following packages:

In-kind sponsor: – for more information please contact Bertrand Raison


Industrial Panel Session

In this session the exhibitors will have the opportunity to highlight their latest developments and products.
This session represents unique and valuable opportunity for raising company’s profile, recognition, new products and services presentation.
Where applicable company has 1 Industrial panel session slot with different time frames for presentation and questions. Presenters have the opportunity to show Power Point presentations as well as to answer questions regarding presented subject.

Application and Payment for Sponsorship

Please be kind to contact Industry Chair via email to discuss application and payment details.
All possible effort will be made to assign requested spaces, however the organization does not guarantee that requested booths will be available. Assignments will be made only after reception of the order form and full payment.
Confirmation of your sponsorship and booth spaces will be mailed to you shortly after all necessary arrangements are made.
In case of cancellation, the total amount paid will be charged as cancellation fee.