Technical visit

A technical visit to the hydroelectric power plant, HPP Dubrovnik (2×126 MW) has been planned for October 17, 2024. Dubrovnik hydropower plant was built in 1965. As the HPP Dubrovnik accumulation lake is located on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of its units generates electricity for the electric power system of Bosnia and Herzegovina. During 50 years of its operation, this hydropower plant has generated almost 60 billion kWh, 30 billion of which was delivered to the Croatian electric power system – almost double the amount of Croatia’s overall annual consumption. HPP Dubrovnik is also the first hydropower plant which was renovated as part of the comprehensive multi-year renovation and revitalisation programme of HEP’s hydropower plants. The 3.6 billion kuna worth revitalisation programme will ensure about 120 MW of new capacity, which equals the production of a new hydropower plant, sixth by capacity among 26 existing HEP’s hydropower plants.