The Conference will feature keynote and plenary sessions, panel sessions, and technical papers presented in poster sessions.
The Conference Organizing Committee invites practitioners and researchers worldwide to submit papers and panel proposals on conference topics outlined by the following three tracks:

        Track 1: Sustainable energy infrastructures
        Track 2: Technologies and processes for flexible and resilient grids
        Track 3: Latest industrial developments towards resilient grids

Each track will cover topics among the following ones :


  •  Smart substations
  •  Diagnostic, aging models, reliability and lifetime extension
  •  Circular economy, eco-design and components recycling
  •  Advancements in power electronics for smart grids
  •  Decarbonized generation units
  • Security of supply in power systems with more renewables

Strategies for the management of power systems

  •  Integration and management of energy storage systems
  •  Integration and operation power electronics-interfaced resources
  •  Advancements in ADMS, DERMS, EMS, and OMS solutions: solutions for microgrids
  •  Distribution and transmission system coordination
  •  Multi-energy systems: power-to-X storage, etc.

Protection, ICT & automation

  •  Cybersecurity
  •  Protections, power quality
  •  Resilience regarding data exchanges
  •  Automation of active power systems
  •  Communication and real-time connectivity in smart grid
  •  Interoperability, standards and norms


  •  AC, DC, and hybrid power systems
  •  Uncertainty management
  •  Forecasting methodologies for grids planning & operation          
  •  Prospective studies: pathways for low carbon and sustainable energy systems

Innovative methods and tools for power systems

  •  Low-inertia and inertia-free power systems
  •  Grid resilience evaluation and improvements
  •  Digital twins and computer modelling
  •  Data science for power systems: the use of artificial intelligence for smart grids – edge computing and autonomous control

Market design, end-users, regulation, prosumers

  •  Demand response and demand side management
  •  VxG and prosumers commitment
  •  Local energy communities, transactive energy systems
  •  Energy policy, future energy markets, flexibilities valorization and trading
  •  Energy sufficiency and social prosumers incentives

Towards the large scale deployment of new solutions

  •  Lessons learned/best practices from demonstrators of smart grid technologies
  •  High TRL industrial developments illustration
  •  Benchmarks, reviews and open data sharing


It should be noted that the papers whose topic are close to the above mentioned topics but not explicitly mentioned are encouraged for submission.

Submissions from industry are highly encouraged.

Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore subject to meeting IEEE Xplore’s scope and quality requirements.